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After 27 years, the end of 2023 saw the closure of our doors at George St, Beenleigh.

Between Covid, Interest Rate Rises and the Cost of Living, the final nail was the uncertainty of the future of the building that housed Serranos Mexican Cantina, due to the Railway upgrades to be taking place before the 2032 Olympics.

While the physical doors closed, the passion did not. So to start 2024, Chris has been working on ways to adapt and overcome.


Stay tuned on our Facebook page for the latest updates on those new ways. 


Serranos Mexican Cantina

Currently Closed while we restructure our business model.

Check out  our Facebook Page.
Along with any updates, specials and news to share!

Bienvenidos a Serranos



To Beenleigh's Original and Best Mexican

Savour authentic Mexican flavours and home cooking any night of the week. At Serranos, we only use the freshest ingredients and best cuts of meat (from right across the road at Beenleigh Bacon and Ham Butchery) and all Serranos meals are cooked in the oven on the plates they come out to you on or on our char grill. 

And because we prepare all our meals fresh and from scratch we can accommodate for most dietary requirements.


So treat yourself, book a table and join us for dinner and become part of the Serranos Family.  

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